The Arabian

The Arabian belongs to the thoroughbred. We distinguish several races here:

  • Vollblutaraber
  • Shagya
  • Anglo-Arabian
  • Arabian Partbred

but I would like to focus only on the Arabian since I only these possess and grow. The Arabian horse is considered a source of all horse breeds worldwide. He is considered the oldest horse race and was developed on the basis of pure breeding.

Its features are:

Exterior, nobility, beauty, harmony, drought endurance, hardness, regeneration capacity fertility, longevity, modesty courage, fire, vitality, gentleness wisdom, willingness to learn.

Here are a few statements from different people on the characteristics of the Arab. I have this written in here, because they express exactly what I feel about Arabs.

Exterior, nobility, beauty, harmony, dryness

Davenport: He is an absolutely perfected animal, not as large and there small. So much harmony and balance of the building is found in no other horse.

Bilke: Not color breed, but pure blood, nobility and power mean anything when Arabs! The Arabian horse is a wonderful combination of respiratory muscle type and type and applies always been considered the symbol of the power and beauty of the horse in the horse world. We rightly demanded in horse breeding, as indeed in animal breeding that a sire macho and a mother stressed female should look like. In the expression of sexual character is the Arab stallion like mare brim.

Performance, endurance, hardness, regeneration capacity

Lady Anne Blunt: There can be no doubt that the pure-bred Arabian horse possesses exceptional stamina. During a trip you may ride it every day and feed only with grass, you will never lose the courage and stamina and always be ready even to galpieren at the end of the longest ride yet.

WSBlunt: Only one race, in whose veins inexhaustible streams of the purest, noblest blood flow is not completely wither in such a struggle for existence and degenerate.

Fertility, longevity, modesty

Schiele: The evaluation of these five rides with a total of 102 horses revealed .... The Arab had 26% of its own weight to bear against 23.6% for the other races. Their frugality was surpassed by any other race. 15% lameness among the Arabs were an average of 58% compared to all other races.

Courage, fire, vitality, gentleness

Raswan: Only one who has felt the soul of the Arab asilgeborenen able to appreciate its rugged beauty and gentle nobility. They are "miracle" of patience, perseverance, physical perfection and human affection.

Davenport: The pure-blooded Arabs is a horse of the highest courage. Wisdom, willingness to learn Klynstra: The reliability, courage, good character and high intelligence of the desert Arab are generally recognized. You could almost say they are breed characteristics of the Arabian horse.

Fouad Abaza: What are also written in the biological history of the horse and origin the Arabian horse may seem, without a doubt it is the Bedouins of the Arabian desert managed to impart certain traits of his horses. It was patient like a camel, fast as a greyhound and so generous and kind as he was. For a Bedouin his horse is actually a close and dear friend. Should we have violated any rules now, we ask your pardon. We knew just not what we should write and these statements reflect our best thoughts again.

The is probably not add anything more to add. These statements speak for themselves. We hope you enjoy our website.

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