How to find Valetina Arabians:

They drive A6 towards Nuremberg or Heilbronn (depending on the direction from which they come).

At the exit Ansbach, Wassertrüdingen, etc. Leave the Autobahn.Folgen the signs Wassertrüdingen / Bechhofen ad Heide. then you reach Claffheim, then Burgoberbach, then summer village Kleinried and then Großenried.

Here you turn right towards Bechhofen ad Heide. By Bechhofen go straight through and then reach Königshofen.

Again, you go straight through out. Approximately 1km to Königshofen turn left. Here Beyer mountain is already written.

Now even by cold Kreuth, then up the hill and you've Beyer mountain reaches.

In Beyer mountain the second street (the first is more like a paved lane), which is the turn between the houses, right. Go straight to the intersection.

You are now in the Burker road. At the intersection, turn right and immediately left into the yard. The fence a sign related to the Aufschrit Markus Schaab.
We hope that you can easily find us and look forward to your visit!

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Kerstin Schaab
Burker Str. 13
91725 Ehingen


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