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In addition to our Arabs still our little part of the family unit:

Unser erstes Haustier war unsere Katze Gini. Damals wollte mein Mann eigentlich keine Katze da wir in einer Wohnung in Ansbach gewohnt haben. Es war uns also nicht möglich, eine Katze hinaus zu lassen und wir konnten somit nur eine Wohnungskatze nehmen. Wie es der Zufall wollte, hatte eine Berufsschul- Klassenkameradin gerade kleine Katzen. Wir haben also entschieden uns diese mal anzusehen. Eine der Katzen war grau weiß und einfach wirklich schön. Mein Mann, der ja nur mit gekommen ist um die Katzen mal anzusehen denn wir nehemen definitiv keine 🙂 meinte nur entweder diese Katze oder keine. Natürlich war es genau die Katze, die die „Züchter“ eigentlich selbst behalten wollten. Nachdem mein Mann aber  nur diese wollte, haben sie sich doch umentschieden und uns die Katze gegeben. So sind wir zu unserer Gini gekommen.

Valentina Arabians

Paige dog and cat Finnegan

After Gini our cat Kira followed. Gini was about 1 year old when we decided to get her a playmate yet. Well let's say I had decided. My husband but then to be convinced and so Kira came to us.
Valentina Arabians

Cat Gini and hangovers Finnegan

Having had then result for us in 2003 that we move into our own house I have seen more opportunities to meet me another request. I always wanted a dog. to keep a dog in an apartment in the city (we both full-time employed) was not an option for me. After we then moved to the country, I fulfilled that wish. Do not worry we were even here still employed full-time, but have not left the dog alone all day. Paige walked with us in the morning to Ansbach and has been given for my in-laws. In the evening we then picked up again. Since I now Paige even from home is work, of course, no longer in Ansbach.

Valentina Arabians

Cat Kira and cat Kijara

are Sometime after Paige then Finnegan and Kijara gotten. At that time, said a colleague that when the farmer where she has are her horse small cats and apparently have no mother. The farmer said to her, she can take the cats with quiet because eh die (autumn cat). After I did not want to leave even the cats I have asked my husband to bring them so we aufpeppeln and then convey. Fetched and aufgepeppelt we've just never relayed :-). So Finnegan and Kijara still come to us.

Valentina Arabians

Cat Kira, cat Kijara and hangovers Finnegan

But do not you think now we keep all Findelkatzen. No no. We (friends, my husband and I) have since been aufgepeppelt some more cats who have found all a good home.

Valentina Arabians

Dog Paige, cat Kijara and hangovers Finnegan


Since then, I've created my website, many years have passed. Some of our beloved small animals and unfortunately had now left, but we were able to give others a new home again:

small Animals


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