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Since I have to do with horses, it has been my greatest desire to own a house with adjoining barn. In 2003, this wish has fulfilled.

Valentina AA Arabians
Valentina and Shareefa

Moving into his own house

It was early 2003 when asked us the opportunity to move into a house with a yard. The property belonged to my husband's family and then we bought this also in 2004. The agricultural property is set in the beautiful Hesselberg- recreation area with fantastic riding area and plenty of rest :-).

To the property includes a large two-family house and, indeed, outbuildings (stables and a barn). Since the outbuildings and stables were unused for a long time, we first renovated here diligently to transform it for the horses.

The beauty of the Anwensen is that directly adjoins a meadow. So we could offer our horses the possibility of loose housing.

The move was then made in the summer of 2003, when I had my two geldings Tali and Sheitan. But with two horses did not stop even now times and so it went on with the reconstruction work.

Conversion of barn to stable

Valentina AA Arabians
Eating stand in an open stable

The other reconstruction works have not be long in coming, because they were made already in 2004. Thus the barn for horse open stable was converted in 2004. Here are the horses feeding stalls and, indeed, direct access to the paddock.

Over the years emerged as 5 horse boxes, 3 of which have direct access to the paddock, the playpen and even two great stallion boxes.

Training and Stable Conversion

Yes, what further to do with barn conversion ?? Actually quite simple. Through my many developments I also learn what is happening in terms of research on welfare horses like that. This is really very interesting and there are many things that you might not think for themselves.

Anyway, I try to the extent practicable to implement the new knowledge that I gain through my training, in my stables. So we have changed as the paddocks again, have planted bushes around the horses offer nibbler branches and set up what is possible for us to make the horses life here more enjoyable.

Our home

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