Who am I really?

My name is Kerstin Schaab. And in the photos, which of course I am :-). I come from the beautiful Middle Franconia, more precisely from the recovery Hesselberg region, near Ansbach. A very nice area :-).

Ever since I can remember, I love animals, especially horses, cats and dogs.

As soon as I could walk, perhaps well not equal :-), my parents are from and driven to with me to the stables and made me feel out walk on ponies.

My first riding lesson I had about 1993 - that is, before looooong time.

I had since then under different coaches riding lessons and could look at me different riding styles.

Which style of riding I was now hanging? I would say that I have selected to me and from different riding styles Riding systems, which I personally logical and so good it seems is in the sense of the horse.

My training does so from that I'm sooooo ever a lot of ground work. Besides the floor work course I also ride and visit the extreme trail in "neighboring" times.

In the saddle I put much emphasis on physical exercises. Why? Simply because the horse is not created by nature to carry a rider. By gymnastic the horse is just built muscular, so that it can carry a rider better. My horse ride and I work either on my riding arena or go times in our beautiful grounds.

Generally I try training with the horses, and make it the horses to me as simple as possible. This includes in my eyes as much as possible about the behavior to wisssen the psychology and the learning behavior of the horse. One reason why I like to sink in books and developments :-).

As my resume shows already, I do not generally important to know a lot about horses. So I make up all the developments and read sooooo many books about horses. I am particularly interested in topics such as equine physiology, anatomy, psychology, horse behavior, horse riding, floor work and still einges more.

Man könnte fast sagen, lesen und das Absolvieren von Kursen ist eine Sucht von mir 🙂

But not only by the many courses and literature that I have read, I could build me a certain range of knowledge. I breed Arabian horses also for many years and always had to do here with different horses. At times I had up to 15 own horses. I gained experience with foals, with stallions, colts and mares unterschiedlichster characters. Finally, as with the people and even each horse is an individual of the it is important to respond to his needs.

curriculum vitae

1993 Start meiner Reiterkarriere 🙂
2001 My first horse
06/2003 Moving into our own horse property
2006 Birth of Valentina Arabians
2006 Courses Matrix Therapy & Dipo horses Physiotherapy
12/2006 Founding Va horseriding items (sale of equestrian products)
2007 Base pass horse customer & Longierabzeichen & Dorn therapy horse
11/2007 VWA Business Administration
06/2016 Webmaster Academy: Online Marketing
2017 MKA floor 1.1, 1.2, 1.1 Riding, Anatomy 1 & 2, Psychology 1 & 2
12/2017 Sales of Va-riding products
2018 MKA ground work courses, riding courses, horse language & inner strength
03/2018 Conny Röhm: anweiden horses properly, feeding young horses, Basic Course Pferdefütterung
03/2018 Andrea Wagner horse massage 1
03/2018 move horses healthy: Online Course Horse Anatomy: The skeleton & muscles of the horse
03/2018 Conny Röhm: liver problems & EMS, IR, Cushing
2018 G & H animal nutrition, Heidi Herrmann: Training horses nutritionist
07/2018 SGD Personality Training
09/2018 Life that loves learning training as a horse assisted Coach
01/2019 MKA horses Psychology & Floor Work Master Module 1
01/2019 Animal Naturopathy School uncleanliness in cats
01/2019 Conny Rohm nutritional education in equine nutrition intensive course
04/2019 Conny Rohm start of the "Master course" about feeding horses, duration 30 months
2019 Correspondence course horse psychology course presence selective deworming horses & Psychology