Valentina Arabians - Breeding and sale of Arabian horses

It's been a long time since our first Arabian foal Va Nasheeta came in 2008 to the world. I can still remember to this day, but that is probably every so who has ever pulled a foal. That's quite a fuss to wait for his first foals and to accompany everything from the start :-).

It's been many years since then and a lot has happened. So we now have some foal births, some had up to 15 Arabian horses and successfully introduce our offspring at shows. we were able to sell at home and abroad our Arabian breeding and we are really proud of this achievement.

But do the best for yourself what our Arabian horses.

You can see this view on our homepage:

Or just come to visit us by appointment and our Arab horses look at live.

In addition to information about our Arabian horses can be found on our website also information on how we keep our Arabs. Our Arabs grow with us in an open stable, or up in big boxes with adjoining outlet and of course in group housing. Information on the attitude of our Arabs seeOur home.