Breeding conditions Arabian stallion DF Kamyar (DF Siraj x DF Karimah):

Below are the breeding conditions for our black stallion DF Kamyar:

  • Stud fee 1000.- Euro. With several mares, from the second mare 900 euros
  • Stable money without foal day 12.- Euro, with foal 15.- Euro

Breeding agreement Arabian stallion DF Kamyar

If you are interested in a breeding for our Arabian stallion DF Kamyar (DF Siraj x DF Karimah), we can provide you with a breeding contract, which includes these components:

  • The stud fee is 1000 euros. With several mares from the second mare 900 euros.
  • The pension money is for each commenced day: mare without foal EUR 12.00; Mare with foal EUR 15.00. If the mare up for pregnancy at stud remain, it must be clarified when registering.
  • 50% of the stud fee is due upon signature of the contract, the rest of the stud fee and the stall fee no later than the day the mare is picked up.
  • The breeding certificate will be handed over once the entire cost is paid.
  • Will be accepted to cover only healthy mares. The mare owner guarantees that his mare (and foal), and their herd of origin is free from contagious diseases, especially skin fungus and infectious cough. If in doubt, the stallion owner may order a veterinary examination at the expense of the mare owner, or reject the mare.
  • The vaccination must be properly carried out and which provide the equine passport is to be entered. Mandatory vaccinations (primary vaccination + timely booster shots) against herpes, influenza and tetanus. If the mare previously not have been vaccinated appropriately, this must be done at least 2 weeks prior to delivery of the mare.
  • The mare owner hands over copies of pedigree papers and vaccination record / vaccination records, from which it appears that the mare against influenza, herpes, tetanus is seeded at delivery.
  • She is wormed unshod to provide (at least at the rear), and in a perfect Hufzustand.
  • The successful finding of a cervical swab sample shall be submitted. This must not be older than 21 days. On request, the swab sample can be carried out in the stud. This is done in the name and on behalf of the mare owner.
  • The mare's owner is obliged without being asked if the herd of origin within the last 12 months Virus abortion has occurred. The same applies if the mare verfohlt last breeding year or a non-viable foal has given birth. At the request must be submitted to examination findings. Failure to comply with the assertion of claims for damages on the part of the stud VALENTINA ARABIANS reserved.
  • The stallion owner is justified if it appears necessary to appoint a veterinarian with the treatment of the horse on behalf of the mare owner. The same applies not (no longer) usable or damaged equipment for commissioning a farrier as well as replacement (halter etc.). Where possible, the stallion owner holds before ordering consultation with the mare owner.
  • The coverage includes a live foal guarantee. This means: should not take a mare resorb, verfohlen or a non-viable foals (ie death or emergency killing within 24 hours) to give birth, the mare owner has the right to cover the mare again in the coming breeding season without the stud fee is due again. A claim for repayment of the stud fee does not exist. In the event of the use of the right to subsequent cover only the stud fee is eliminated. All other costs such as pension and other costs have to be paid. If the original selected stallion is no longer available (sale, death, etc.), the mare owner can choose another, drawn up at this time on the stud stallion. Is the stud fee is higher, the difference must be paid. Further claims of the mare owner are excluded
  • The stallion owner is, as far as legally permissible and regardless of the legal basis, not liable for damage, destruction, injury, an inferior value to the mare and, if necessary, the foal on foot, unless there was intent or gross negligence. If the stallion owner is liable, his liability is limited to the direct damage that has occurred. Liability for indirect and consequential damage is excluded. The disclaimer also applies to stud staff or auxiliary staff. The mare owner assures that the mare is insured against liability. If the mare is not insured against liability, the mare owner agrees to pay for all damage caused by his mare.
  • The owner or owners of the mare (and foals) are considered to be pet owners and remain liable within the meaning of the Civil Code.

You still have questions or would like DF Kamyar like to meet in person? We are looking forward to your contact. Contact us by mail at or call us at 0176/24372540 (these may be Whatsapp).

DF Kamyar is a very sociable, loving stallion. He stands with us in a big box with large paddock next to the mares. These welfare, as well as the loving dealing with it, are also reflected in the character of Kamyar again. He is an absolutely affable, loving stallion.

Information about the deck routine:

If we introduce Kamyar of mares we use for a box with partition boards. The mare to be covered, then in the box (without being held) and we have Kamyar from outside approached the box. So Kamyar is free on the halter and the mare in the box. So the mare has the option when it is not ready to retire. We take this really a lot of time, so that the mare will not be taken by surprise. The Deckackt itself is then either this box or on the run. Again, we go very carefully before and do not rush. Finally, the horses have the right to a beautiful as possible "lovemaking" without stress and hassle. Our own mares or even outside mares, where desired and possible, we also cover the freewheel.