horse Beritt


  • Full Beritt per month 800.- euros (5-6x training a week)
  • Part Beritt per month 500.- euros (3x training a week)
  • the Beritt costs include the training of the horse and the barn money. Costs for example, veterinarian, blacksmith, etc. not included.

Beritt expiration:

riding style

I do not work for a particular riding style but train the horses as it most simply seems to me for the horses. Here, I try to respond to the individual horse and to make the training as simple as possible for the horse.

So this to me is possible and also out of personal interest, I deal a lot with psychology, the senses and the learning behavior of the horses. Only then is it possible to put yourself in the position of the horse and to make the training as much as possible in the sense of the horse.

If you then, like me, is important that your horse learns in terms of his learning behavior that it establishes a partnership for people based on understanding, respect and trust, then the Trainig might be just the thing for your horse with me.

ground work

The Beritt your horse begins only once with the training of the horse from the ground, so the ground work for horses. This is also very important because the ground work for horses is structured so that the horse systematically auf's riding and the horse-human relationship is prepared.

Thus, the horse-human relationship is developed with the ground work, the mutual trust of the horse body established & prepared for carrying a rider. The horse is so physically (physical) and psychologically (mentally) prepared auf's riding.

In the groundwork with your horse involves, for example, these exercises:

  • Run & Follow
  • reverse judge
  • Haunches
  • forehand
  • Longe work
  • gymnasticising
  • Getting to Know the saddle / the bridle
  • etc

After the ground work, the training of the horse follows under the saddle.

Training under the saddle

Also, this training is systematic, so that the horse can grow as a riding horse in his task. One could almost say that education begins in kindergarten and increases to the school.

starting at the equestrian training course in order to accustom the horse once to wearing a rider and the rider's weight.

the horse knows the rider to follow the first steps under the saddle. The horse learns to ride to start off, stopping curves, etc.

Has reached the ground and under saddle some Ausbildugsstand the horse, it's up to your liking, as we make the further training.

Would you mainly ride your horse in the riding course and to your horse learn lessons such as croup in, etc shoulder control, then the further training focuses on this.

Do you prefer a cool horse for relaxed off-road riding, then the further training course also focuses on gymnastic exercises, but also serenity exercises and training course in the field.

Horse training with rest and lots of little breaks

First of all, who is looking for a quick-fix configuration in which the horse is for mainly fast under the saddle, no matter how that is with me absolutely at the wrong address.

My horse training I design that I just starting, train only short sequences in the first training sessions. How long do these training sessions, depends entirely on the horse. I think it's better to train in short units, then ask the horse nochml into the stable and prefer to work several times a day in short units.

Even during training with the horse there will always be short little break, in which the horse is allowed to relax briefly. I find it very important to introduce the horse gently to his job as a riding horse. I would say the experience that makes the horse during breaking in to decide with how it behaves later as a riding horse. Stress and time pressure are here completely out of place in my eyes.

Of course, the exercise time is then also increased, but just in the beginning I think it's just very important, preferring to train several small units.

My goal is to create a horse-human relationship based on mutual understanding, respect and trust and fun especially two partners, because that's the point now time for hobbies horse!

Has achieved a certain level of training your horse, you too will be integrated as a horse owner with the training. I you do not want to eventually give a trained horse in hand and then let in the rain. I want you and your horse a common path. They therefore accompany the last Trainingseiheiten for you and your horse can be adjusted to each other.

Would you like to personally convince my training like?

Come to visit me by appointment and see me at a training session!